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Royal or Republic?

I think the whole reason why Australia hasn’t become a republic yet is because there is no real ‘alternative’ to a constitional monarchy. I think there is a lot of good things that the monarchy can do, and a lot of bad things. And yet, a lot of people are sitting down saying “oh well, we’ll just have to wait for someone to think up a model”. Because we all have to think about this model. 

That said, we need to acknowledge that the English Royals, especially since Princess Diana, are tremondous public servants. Yes there is that notion that the monarchy is there to rule over the people, but in fact they serve their country. They can ultimately make a difference. But we need to seperate the show-business monarchy to the politcal monarchy. I think we need to look at Sweden monarchy’s. King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia are the head of Sweden, however politically they have no power. It’s all show-business. And yet, they are extremely popular.

Currently we are a democracy and democracy is about the sharing of ideas, making sure that every voice gets heard. And that includes the indigenous voices. I think that before we even think about becoming a republic, or staying as a constitutional monarchy, we need to sort our own issues. We need to remove racism from our constitution. We need to include the wonderful history and culture that indigenous Australia has. We need to make sure that they are included, us Australians don’t believe in a fair go for nothing. That issue needs to be sorted out before we even start on planning on becoming a republic or not.

So all in all, there are different ways in resolving this issue.