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Adam Hills answering the question Why should voters vote for you?” | Gold Logie showdown: Adam Hills | David Knox, 13th April 2012


Adam Hills in Gordon St Tonight - Dave thanks Shaun

"You better be glad that was only a sound effect Dave" 

I am going to try and explain the 80s briefly to you. During the 80s, we all got really excited about a yacht race, we won it, we lost it, and we have never been excited about a yacht race ever again. We had a Prime Minister who could drink you under the table. That Prime Minister is now 82 by the way, and can still drink you under the table. And as far as pop stars went in the 80s, a gay man could dress as a woman, sound like a woman, and act like a woman and everyone would still think “I bet he gets a lot of chicks”.
The 80s were a time where we told you could not only feed the whole world but you could also tell everyone it was Christmas time. And I am sure you are aware, there is more obesity in America than any country in the planet, and I reckon thats because in 1984 a group of British and Irish musicians put out a song that told us all to feed the world and then a year later a group of American musicians put out a song that said “We Are The World”. And here’s the thing Duncan, in 1981, I was a dorky 11 year old kid called Adam, and then suddenly there was a really cool popstar called Adam dressed as a pirate and had his own ants.

Adam Hills explains the 80s to an audience member in the 2nd Episode of the 2nd Season.